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Hello All, how have you guys been? Yes, we are entering the eve of Valentines Day and I thought I should really get you all updated and why I have disappeared… again! I do apologies please forgive me! Life is currently up and down where I am constantly on the move without being able to blog at all. This is partly, as I mentioned doing your goals at the beginning of the year but majority has been related to life changes.
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Happy New Year Guys!! I hope you are all enjoying the last day of the year, what are your plans? I know they will be filled with epic… ness that is for sure! Every New Year is always an interesting time for me, as others would say it is the beginning to a new chapter of 365 days ahead. I general feel inspired to thrive for a better tomorrow, even if it begins with me lying in my bed for the first few hours.
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A few more weeks to Christmas, and we are in full force of this season. I love this time of the year, mainly because I become a big kid and somehow find myself in front of the television that I rarely watch. I am there, with all the festive loveliness in my belly while watching classics movies like; Home Alone, Jingle All The Way and Edward Scissorhands! Most who know me, know that I’m a big movie buff and can remember almost all movies that I’ve watched especially those ones where the so called ugly duckling becomes the beautiful swan… the Glow-up! ┬áSo, if anyone is having a Christmas party in the next few days I say that, these are YOUR glow-up times and go out with a 2015 bang!
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It has been an interesting week so far, we’re now in the month of December and we’re slowly coming up to the end of the year. I have to apologies to you all, as I remember from my last post I mentioned that I am trying to be more consistent on my blog. You can say that it was an epic fail, this was mainly because I was still living/unpacking from my suitcase after moving into my new apartment. Also, I became a first time auntie, which has been the most AMAZING feeling!!
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One of the interesting┬áthings about living in Calgary, Canada is that you can get two major seasons in a year! This is mostly Winter & Summer, a positive as well as a negative but during them both, sun glasses all year round… the sun is out with full force! With that said, can make blogging a bit difficult. It’s been a few months now since I started a blog, it has been a wonderful ride so far.
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As September has began, where the weather becomes bipolar and the cooler autumn winds start pulling in all the pumpkin-spice flavor lovers out there! This is the best time to enjoy all those outfits that you couldn’t really enjoy or wear during summer because the heat made you feel like you where the finger-licking BBQ rib on the BBQ burner and that caked face of makeup… well that started leaking like ice-cream!
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As it comes to the end of August, the beginning of September arrive I start to look back on my favorite month in the year… the Leo season, August! Yess, I would not lie that I am a bit bias as I am a fellow Leo baby!! Overall, I love this month because when it arrives you know that you are within the height of summer! It makes you be aware that Autumn/Fall is just around the corner and for that it inspires you.
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One of the best things that I enjoy during summer are festival. I’ve gone through my fair share, from Reading to Wireless festivals. ┬áAs summer is here in full force, and many of us are connecting with friends and family at after-work BBQ, long weekend camping, and day trips to the nearest beach, lake or river. Seating on a big field and listening to the latest bands are always the best things to do.
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One of the traditions here in Canada is called,┬áThe┬áCalgary Stampede!! I have never attended Stampede before, I had no clue what it’s all about apart from it is┬ávery┬ácountry. A country version of Carnival, as a Londoner I am used to Notting Hill Carnival which runs for 2 days. I live near Notting Hill, where the smell of the Jerk Chicken and┬áSteel Pans wakes me up. Stampede on the other hand, is an┬áannual rodeo, exhibition and festival which are celebrated over 10 days. It shows cases a┬áparade,┬ástage shows, concerts┬áand┬áchuckwagon racing.┬áSo, when it came to Stampede I was excited to finally experience it, especially when sponsored by┬áVirgin Mobile Canada.┬áI had an amazing experience with┬áVirgin, which┬áprovided a backstage VIP all access to the event. This included full access to the Nashville North Tent, a private listen to the┬áband┬áDungarees┬áas well as a meet & greet with front row tickets to┬áBlake Shelton. You can say it was eventful from working the Press and shooting videos, honestly I didn’t know a┬áCowgirl┬álived inside of me. Truly, it was fun as I lined dance and country hopped around with my┬áCowboys!
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