With summer finally here, everyone starts tucking away all of their snow boots (as I’m in Canada, you may still need it till from time to time). Everywhere is beautiful at the moment, which means that everyone is out!! Things are looking up, from up coming festivals, to birthdays, road-trips to even potential jobs offers. After work in celebration of Canada Day, once work is over going for drinks with friends or work colleagues are always fun at a bar.  Dresses like these, are perfect for the after work let your hair down loose nights. Classy, figure hugging but not too overly sexy.
*Lips: MAC Soar Lip-pencil & MAC Syrup Lipstick
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Prom Time!! As you can tell I’m quite excited for this prom season, I feel it may be because I didn’t really feel like I had a ‘proper’ prom back in London. Like, most Londoners know Prom isn’t something which is made really big over there as it is here. After graduating, I had a little party in compared to my friend’s prom that I attended over here in Canada.
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Since back in Canada, I have been going through a bit of a wardrobe clear out!! This process is a bit of a love and hate phase, I’ve recently moved homes not so long ago and although the space is generously big. I’m developing the feeling of a BIG clear out… to make space for the New New! Honestly, it is needed though… mostly as majority of the clothes are running big, but this just gets my wardrobe space ready.
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Being home is the best feeling in the world, I love my adventures abroad but being home in my bed is such a priceless feeling. It is such a wonderful feeling, I plan to sneak two of my pillows back with me… extreme or what?!! While in London, one of the things that I had to do with my friends was to walk along the South Bank.  Yes.. a bit touristy behavior there, but I absolutely love the vibe, art and architecture of the area.
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I’ve been fully enjoying the joys of Spring, as the weather is becoming much better now! I’m still, slowly recovering from my Brachioplasty operation earlier on in March, I’ve taking some time to recuperate properly and to heal well. Gotta get these scars on fleek! I have been going through a weight loss journey to get healthy, I started at an overall weight at 22 Stones/308 pounds and a current lost of over 100 pounds which left me with some excess skin.
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 I wonder what you guys feel about graphic tee? For me, its like a love and hate relationship as this is mostly based on, finding that right tee for you! For me, I have learnt that I usually steer towards a subliminal tee! I find that they can be fun, intriguing, sometimes dark. I have been so busy recently as I just came back for London and I am about to flight back out again. It was so great being home, ended up doing a lot a things which I will definitely share soon. I threw on this casual tee for shopping with the girls. I love mixing a causal tee like this with something… girly, like this leather pleated skirt or either a mini skirt. The best thing about this, is that if your plans change during the day, you can never fully feel under dressed.

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My first official post, I wanted to dedicate it to my friends & family who has always been nagging me to create a blog, as I seem to always inspire and advice them in real life and I should continue to spread my wings, you can say to others, so here I am! Hopefully, as I get a hang of this blogging world we can all becomes friends too. (Sorry for the cheese there) but honestly that’s the hopes! I went out shopping with friends, mostly window-shopping as I’m trying to be a good gurl! From here, we headed off to dinner to celebrate the news of me becoming an official blogger; I went for an all black outfit with a simple high bum hairstyle, which was perfect for the occasion. I added my new favourite Topshop leather Jacket to the mix, I felt it just gave this clean outfit the right amount of edge for both a day & night look.
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