You are my sunshine, my only sunshine!! “C’mon let’s sing along!” 😀
Hello All, how have you guys been? Yes, we are entering the eve of Valentines Day and I thought I should really get you all updated and why I have disappeared… again! I do apologies please forgive me! Life is currently up and down where I am constantly on the move without being able to blog at all. This is partly, as I mentioned doing your goals at the beginning of the year but majority has been related to life changes.
Cherished Moments : : Fashion 101



As it comes to the end of August, the beginning of September arrive I start to look back on my favorite month in the year… the Leo season, August! Yess, I would not lie that I am a bit bias as I am a fellow Leo baby!! Overall, I love this month because when it arrives you know that you are within the height of summer! It makes you be aware that Autumn/Fall is just around the corner and for that it inspires you.
Cherished Moments : : Fashion 101



Since back in Canada, I have been going through a bit of a wardrobe clear out!! This process is a bit of a love and hate phase, I’ve recently moved homes not so long ago and although the space is generously big. I’m developing the feeling of a BIG clear out… to make space for the New New! Honestly, it is needed though… mostly as majority of the clothes are running big, but this just gets my wardrobe space ready.
Cherished Moments : : Fashion 101