A few more weeks to Christmas, and we are in full force of this season. I love this time of the year, mainly because I become a big kid and somehow find myself in front of the television that I rarely watch. I am there, with all the festive loveliness in my belly while watching classics movies like; Home Alone, Jingle All The Way and Edward Scissorhands! Most who know me, know that I’m a big movie buff and can remember almost all movies that I’ve watched especially those ones where the so called ugly duckling becomes the beautiful swan… the Glow-up!  So, if anyone is having a Christmas party in the next few days I say that, these are YOUR glow-up times and go out with a 2015 bang!
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My first official post, I wanted to dedicate it to my friends & family who has always been nagging me to create a blog, as I seem to always inspire and advice them in real life and I should continue to spread my wings, you can say to others, so here I am! Hopefully, as I get a hang of this blogging world we can all becomes friends too. (Sorry for the cheese there) but honestly that’s the hopes! I went out shopping with friends, mostly window-shopping as I’m trying to be a good gurl! From here, we headed off to dinner to celebrate the news of me becoming an official blogger; I went for an all black outfit with a simple high bum hairstyle, which was perfect for the occasion. I added my new favourite Topshop leather Jacket to the mix, I felt it just gave this clean outfit the right amount of edge for both a day & night look.
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