Hi guys!! My name is Toun, pronounce as music ‘Tone’. A perfect birth name, which suits my personality and for that I want to welcome you all to my ‘Delightt-ful’ world. I’m a 20-something year old English girl from London who is currently living in Calgary, Canada. I am glad to have the opportunity to share my life, style and journeys with an online community. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and I am so grateful for the response so far.

The main aim for this blog is to help empower & inspire you all to feel confident in whatever you are striving for in life. The use of fashion, beauty or even fitness to help bring out the inner you to the floor is the most important thing to me. I want to help inspire others to feel confident about themselves, their bodies at what ever size or shape you are and to show that there are beautiful clothes out there, no matter what size you are. I feel there is going to be a lot more in store so enjoy the ride with me.

“Clothes Aren’t Going To Change The World. The Women Who Wear Them Will.”                                                                                                                      – Anne Klein

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