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Happy New Year Guys!! I hope you are all enjoying the last day of the year, what are your plans? I know they will be filled with epic… ness that is for sure! Every New Year is always an interesting time for me, as others would say it is the beginning to a new chapter of 365 days ahead. I general feel inspired to thrive for a better tomorrow, even if it begins with me lying in my bed for the first few hours.

 The desire for a better year is ambitious, I found that it give you the courage to get up and go so that you remain goal-oriented. I don’t deny, many of us has failed attempt throughout the year but it seems like the new hype is to be-little others intentions.  Then make a mockery of their dreams but like the story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. She traveled; “Down the Rabbit-Hole” researching and anticipating for something more which ended up becoming one of the most unimaginable adventures. Each one of us has our own paths ahead, that’s yours and only you can work to obtain it! As there are always ups and downs where life stuff gets in the way, I would suggest having the 4 months plan to help assist us ALL as we start the new year. The 4 months plan, if I have not mentioned it previously is to try and accomplish as many goals within the first 4 months of the year. As the first few months are the most crucial moments to get things achieved because by summer… well, you’d hope to be enjoying your goals made or you’ll be too busy relishing in the sun that you will fall off! All is not lost, as you will gain another 4 months and another until the end of 2016 to satisfy and indulgence in the fact that you are another year closer to achieving your dreams.
p.s: I have shared again the TEDX talk which I personally found very inspiring…
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