It has been an interesting week so far, we’re now in the month of December and we’re slowly coming up to the end of the year. I have to apologies to you all, as I remember from my last post I mentioned that I am trying to be more consistent on my blog. You can say that it was an epic fail, this was mainly because I was still living/unpacking from my suitcase after moving into my new apartment. Also, I became a first time auntie, which has been the most AMAZING feeling!!
I am very close to my bro bro and any available time I had was just to be there for him and my niece. She’s a little cutie already, my little Rugrat! Around this time of the year somehow I realized that my nail colours get deeper, the Violets, Reds and Burgundy are my favorite. Dark toned clothing’s are my to go to items most times, and so for this casual day out when the sun was shining I went for this super cool graphic T-Shirt “dress”. I say dress… because it wasn’t initially a dress; it is in fact a longline T-Shirt from the Men section. I love playing around with different types or styles of clothing, that I enjoy thrifting and customize clothes so when I saw this Tee, I knew it would make a great addition to my wardrobe. There was not much customization needed with this dress, as I wanted to keep the graphic print the main focus. Although, I loved adjusting the sleeves by tapering the edges and rearranging the zip details transformed this boxy longline shirt into this super cool graphic detailed dress!




PRIMARK Belt & Dress (similarRIVER ISLAND Bag (similar) CONVERSES Chuck Taylor Trainers HAT Portobello Vintage

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