As it comes to the end of August, the beginning of September arrive I start to look back on my favorite month in the year… the Leo season, August! Yess, I would not lie that I am a bit bias as I am a fellow Leo baby!! Overall, I love this month because when it arrives you know that you are within the height of summer! It makes you be aware that Autumn/Fall is just around the corner and for that it inspires you.
I know this personally relates to me, as I bet it may for you too. At the beginning of every year, many of us think about what we would love to achieve in that year. We would be full of hope, determination at first and like general human beings we start to slowly fall off. I am guilt of this, with that said I wanted this year to be different! I started of analyzing what I wanted to achieve and set time fames. I am the world’s biggest procrastinator and perfectionist, so with that time fames comes life! I have tried overcoming these by allocating majority of my goals to be achieved or in place within the first 3-4 months of the year and then a follow up at the end of August. This will continue to keep yourself in line until the year ending, leaving you hopefully on track for the next 4 months to go.
As I mentioned, it is also my birthday month where reflection of the year is always imminent. I end up feeling brand new, ready to take on the world, for example… I realized that I have been holding back from you guys on here, this will slowly change!! I’m excited & ready and feeling refreshed… this could be the reason why I majority wear white on my birthdays. I had an amazing birthday, where I was treated to dinner, and a hotel spa retreat before heading out to a party that can be seen on my Instagram. I’m in love with this white jacket from River Island, the cut and the detailing are just brilliant! The waterfall details at the front helps to accentuate our curves, due to this… you will never forget that it is your birthday!! #AllWhiteEverything










RIVER ISLAND Jacket (similar) : NEW LOOK Basic Vest Top : ASOS Tailored Shorts (similar) CALVIN KLEIN Shoes (similar)

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