GREEN IVY_0001_1

From my previous post Mint; you guys already know that I have a thing for Mint, Khaki… Well, just most things that are Green. It could be because of my Nigerian heritage, maybe?! During summer, I get a little green envy!! I love how it compliments and brighten up my day.
So, during this extremely hot day in Calgary, which I have mentioned previously, can be rare to have. I went straight for this strappy vest dress from New Look, a fitted dress that hugs all the curves. For that, you guys know for sure I’m wearing my magic shaper wear with this dress! No sugarcoating here… maybe I will do a post later on about shaper wears! With that said, I love that sexy feeling you get when you’re wearing a dress that fits your every curves, flirtatious but not trying too hard! I throw on this chiffon top from Primark, a beautiful mint top covered with grayscale drawings of birds and Cherry Blossoms, that acted like a kimono for the day as we mostly spent the evening relaxing to the lead up to my birthday weekend. Although, a casual day out I liked that keeping things simple by just throwing on a dress and ‘kimono’, can still leave you looking and feeling ready to take over the world!

GREEN IVY_0002_1

GREEN IVY_0003_1_1



NEW LOOK Strappy Dress (similar) / PRIMARK Chiffon Shirt & Shoes / TOPSHOP Necklace (similar)

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