Prom Time!! As you can tell I’m quite excited for this prom season, I feel it may be because I didn’t really feel like I had a ‘proper’ prom back in London. Like, most Londoners know Prom isn’t something which is made really big over there as it is here. After graduating, I had a little party in compared to my friend’s prom that I attended over here in Canada.
The colors, the size, the gowns where absolute fabulous and I was so happy to gate-crash it! I went for a simple, sheek outfit look that evening, mostly as my friend made it known that, “it’s my graduation… and no-one is allowed to outshine me!”… I love my friends!! : ) This outfit is perfect for me, I love that its light, the high low skirt is cute but still sexy at the same time without trying way to hard. A modem twist,  reaching for nude colors! The best thing about nudes, is that it compliment both dark or fair skin types, it is bright, feminine and classic!







ASOS Top / ASOS Skirt Similar  / PRIMARK Belt & Shoes (Shoe Idea)

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